Does Daily Fast Food Lead to Weight Gain in Teens?

Published on, 09 November, 2023. Answered by Dr. Oumou Diakite and Verified by Dr.Galen Team
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Hello Doctor,


Could consuming daily processed or junk foods cause a rapid increase in belly fat for a 15-year-old, leading to the development of a significant pot belly within a year?


Answered by Dr. Oumou Diakite


Thank you for reaching out to Dr. Galen. Please find the below response to your query.


1. Avoid excessive consumption of junk food.

2. Limit indulgence in such foods to 3-4 times a week.

3. Opt for a diet that includes whole grains and full-fat milk.

4. Ensure you get adequate and quality sleep.

5. Consume chocolate and fried foods in moderation.




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