What is Instant Consultation?

Experience Immediate Consultation, connecting you to an online doctor in under 5 minutes. Bid farewell to the concern of seeking reliable doctors for addressing your sensitive medical questions. We've gathered a top-tier team of doctors accessible anytime, anywhere. Engage with qualified doctors who've undergone rigorous verification by our business analysts. We've streamlined the process, guaranteeing optimal healthcare within 5 minutes. Benefit from premium, privacy-enhanced video consultations with leading global doctors. Simply provide your information, finalize payment, and quickly! A doctor will reach out to you in under 5 minutes.

Instant Consultation Process

Enter your details

Fill in the details about your Name, Mobile Number, and Purpose of Consultation

Proceed to Payment

Select your preferred payment method and finalize the payment. Opt for either PayPal or Stripe to complete the transaction.

Connect with Doctor

In under 5 minutes, you'll be matched with your doctor. Beneath the doctor's profile, you'll find the 'Join Room Now' button. Simply click on it to connect with the doctor.

Consultation Duration

Your consultation doesn't have a set time limit. Nevertheless, when the doctor chooses to conclude the session, it's considered the end of your video consultation.

Follow up

After your consultation concludes, you have the option to continue communicating with the doctor through chat, free of charge, for up to 6 hours.

End of your consultation

By default, your session remains active for 6 hours. The consultation session concludes only at the end of this 6-hour period. It's recommended to download your prescription before this duration expires.