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Who is - Complete Health Portal?

       Since 2018, is helping and enabling patients to achieve health. Our complete health portal comprises Artificial Intelligence(AI) enabled Consultations for any new opinion or a second opinion, Real Video Consultations with highly qualified health professionals/doctors from across 100 countries, Access to Accident and Emergency services from wherever in the world, Healthcare facilities Accreditation, Check your own health and mental status, Extensive health information & library, Get immediate consultation & e-prescription within 20 Min in On-the-Spot Consultation, Providing a list of COVID test lab globally to take a test and get a report from us. Our offices are based in the USA, UK, India, and Singapore.

AI New/Second Consultation

Please type in your symptoms or disease in simple terms, and we will take you through. It may be simple, as it is designed to be and it is dynamic consultation. Please be accurate with your response.

AI Consultation

Real Consultation

If you want to consult with real Doctors/Professionals who are vetted and checked by us. More than 1400 international doctors from over 100 countries. Consult with them for 10-30 min Video/Audio/Chat Consultation.

Real Consultation

Hospital Accreditation

Register your Hospitals or Clinics or Laboratories for Accreditation. It is done by the health care team in hospital inspections and assessments. Gold/Silver/Bronze Award is given to the organizations.

Hospital Accreditation

Accident & Emergency

With very few steps, this will give you contact for Ambulance locally where you are and will give you a location for the nearest hospital with emergency or trauma services.

Accident & Emergency

COVID Testing Center

Have your COVID testing done near you? Book an appointment with the lab on your convenient date. Have the test done at the lab on the day and we will send you the report via e-mail within 24hrs.

COVID Testing Center

On the Spot Consultation

Connect you to an online doctor instantly and securely via video/audio/chat. Speak to the international doctors anytime, anywhere. Get prescriptions immediately.

Free Health Check

Standard Hospitals

Hospitals, Clinics, Laboratories are checked by for safety and quality, so that you can trust. These are designed to save you time and effort to locate the best hospitals you want to use. You can search by locality.

Standard Hospitals

Health Library - Free

All the health and medical information you need, for various conditions, including for a healthy lifestyle, disease management and treatment.

Free Health Library

Free Health Check

You can check your health, in a quick and easy way. This is designed to give you an overall impression of physical and mental health.

Free Health Check

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Chat with Doctor/Professional

Register and choose a Doctor/Professional.
Fill the patient’s details and choose the appointment date & time.
Payment on Paypal/Credit Card/Debit Card. This payment will be for Authorization only.
Wait for some time and you will get a confirmation mail from the doctor with Login username and password.
At the time of appointment date & time, you can log in with this username & password.
Consult with your doctor for 10-30 min Video/Audio/Chat Consultation.

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Enroll as a Doctor/Professional

Enroll as a doctor/professional for free.
All details are encrypted for safety & data protection.
Please give an active email, so we can follow up with you.
Please attach 2 documentary evidence.
Paypal account information speeds up the transaction of fees.
Please contact us for any further details or information.

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Doctor/Patient Log In

Once you login your dashboard, Appointment links are available.
Click the Link only on particular Appointment Date and Time.
You can consult with the doctor/professional/patient for 10-30 minutes. Please confirm their they are online.

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Real Consultation

Our AI site is free and available 24/7. However, if you want to consult with real medical professionals who are vetted and checked by us, you are welcome to choose them by Name, Country, or Specialization. It will cost from $0 dollars for a 10-30 min Video/Audio/Chat Consultation.

We have the best professionals/doctors who are experts on their own from across the world. We currently have more than 1400 global medical and health experts for online medical/health consultation from over 100 countries. Currently, we have world-class experts from Australia, the USA, Europe, UK, Canada, Africa, Russia, Singapore, Indonesia, South America, the Middle East, Thailand, India, the Philippines, etc. List of doctors by 100 Countries.

You will have to make the appointment at a time suitable for you and the doctor/professional. Once you request the time, then you will be notified of the confirmation of the appointment time.

Please be on time for your appointment time. Any delay or non-attendance would still be charged, as the arrangements would have been made and the doctor’s/professional’s time would have been booked. If the Doctor/Professional cannot attend the appointment for any unavoidable unforeseen emergencies, then you will not be charged and you will have to make another appointment with the same doctor/professional or different doctor/professional.

We assure you that the consultation guarantee or 100% money back. Global experts available to you for online consultation, Locally! Real consultation Countries Link.

Consult Online Doctors/Medical Professionals

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Free AI New Consultation

An AI Consultation is an artificial intelligence-enabled technology for medicine that makes seamless interaction with users. It also facilitates the need of medical professionals and helps improve their performance by interacting with users like providing expert supervision.

It is designed mainly for diagnosing your symptoms by yourself. Please type in your symptom or disease in simple terms, and we will take you through. Check your symptoms or disease again, in a relaxed manner that suits you with no concerns. Unbiased AI consultation.

It may be simple, as it is designed to be and it is dynamic consultation. Please be accurate with your response. It may not be complete or cover everything you may need to know, but it hopefully provides a broad roadmap and medical advice priming for your actual consultation with your real doctor. Great technology aide for Doctors and medical professionals.

Free AI Consultation

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