Baby Cries in Sleep: Is This Normal?

Baby Cries in Sleep: Is This Normal?
Published on, 30 May, 2023. Answered by Dr. Renold S. Xavier and Verified by Dr.Galen Team
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Hello Doctor,

What Causes Regular Nighttime Crying in a 6-Month-Old Baby?


Thank you for reaching out to Dr.Galen. Please find the below response to your query.

Irritability in six-month-old infants can have many reasons. The most common cause is infantile colic, but other factors such as nasal block, ear pain, throat pain, insect bite, and rashes should also be considered. If your child is otherwise active and playful, with a consolable cry, it is likely due to infantile colic. As they grow and complementary feeding begins, the colic typically disappears.


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