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How to Treat Cirrhosis?

Medical Treatment:
  • Lifestyle changes are crucial and most often, that is all required. Avoid alcohol if it is alcoholic cirrhosis, lose weight, regular exercise, etc
  • Balanced Diet with less salt
  • For viral hepatitis, antiviral medication is required
  • Symptomatic treatment. Diuretics for Leg swelling, blood pressure medications to reduce portal hypertension
  • Complications like bleeding veins in oesophagus are treated with endoscopy. If it is failed, then interventional radiology treatment called TIPSS
  • Brain dysfunction is treated with Lactulose syrup. Worst cases may need antibiotic Rifaximin
  • Fluid in the tummy or chest is treated with diuretics, less salt and if resistant, percutaneous drainage. Recurrent fluid collections may need TIPSS
  • Any bleeding will need Vitamin K and Fresh frozen plasma
  • Liver transplant is the ultimate and definitive treatment