Understanding Asthenoteratozoospermia: Expert Solutions and Guidance

Understanding Asthenoteratozoospermia: Expert Solutions and Guidance
Published on, 25 May, 2024. Answered by Dr. Abdelmajeed Saad and Verified by Dr.Galen Team
Patient Question

Hello Doctor,


My wife and I have been undergoing IVF since last year due to infertility. Despite thorough examinations, no clear cause for my asthenoteratozoospermia has been found. Blood analysis shows increased FSH and decreased Lh levels. I'm 35, healthy, and seek guidance on understanding the cause of my infertility.



Thank you for reaching out to Dr. Galen. Please find the below response to your query.


It seems that you are facing primary infertility, indicating that the root cause may lie within your testicles. The fluctuations in your hormone levels, particularly the increase in FSH and decrease in Lh, point towards a testicular issue. To accurately diagnose the underlying problem, it is advisable to undergo a biopsy of each testicle. This procedure will provide valuable insights into the specific issues affecting your fertility, guiding further treatment decisions effectively.




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