Strengthen Your Bladder: Pelvic Floor Exercises

Strengthen Your Bladder: Pelvic Floor Exercises
Published on, 04 June, 2024. Answered by Dr. Abdelmajeed Saad and Verified by Dr.Galen Team
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I've started to think about why I don't feel the urge to pee anymore. Sometimes I might feel it slightly, but usually, I just feel pressure in there, and that's the sign for me when to pee. This has been going on for like 2-3 years or possibly even more; I'm not really sure. I don't really believe that I would have a neurogenic bladder. What do you think? Could it be that my bladder muscles are just weak? Is it possible to fix it with pelvic floor exercises?





Thank you for reaching out to Dr. Galen. Please find the below response to your query.


Reduced urge to urinate can have various causes, and it’s essential to consult a healthcare professional for a proper evaluation. Here are some possibilities:


1.Dehydration: Not drinking enough water can lead to decreased urine output and a weaker urge to pee. Ensure you stay hydrated.

2.Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs): Chronic UTIs can affect bladder function. Symptoms may include pressure or discomfort in the lower abdomen.

3.Overactive Bladder (OAB): OAB can cause sudden, strong urges to urinate. It’s essential to rule out this condition.

4.Medications: Some medications may affect bladder function. Discuss your medications with your doctor.

5.Weak Pelvic Floor Muscles: Weak pelvic floor muscles can impact bladder control. Pelvic floor exercises (Kegels) may help strengthen these muscles.

Other Conditions: Diabetes, interstitial cystitis, and nerve-related issues (like multiple sclerosis) can also affect bladder function.

Pelvic Floor Exercises (Kegels): Kegel exercises involve squeezing and holding the pelvic floor muscles as if stopping urine flow. Perform Kegels lying down, sitting, and standing. Quick flicks (rapidly squeezing and relaxing) can also help relax the bladder. Bridges, squats, and other exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscles that support the bladder and bowel. Remember to consult a healthcare professional for a proper diagnosis and personalized advice. They can guide you on appropriate exercises and any necessary treatments.


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