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           We have made it so easy for you to consult a health professional or doctor. Our real consultation is available as online consultations 24/7. We have the best professionals/doctors who are experts on their own from across the world. We currently have more than 1900 global medical and health experts for online medical/health consultation from over 100 countries. Currently, we have world-class experts from Australia, the USA, Europe, UK, Canada, Africa, Russia, Singapore, Indonesia, South America, Middle East, Thailand, India, the Philippines, etc.

         Check out our full complement of Health and Medical Experts. Online consultations with real experts will cost from $1 dollars to fixed fees for a 10 to 30 min Video/Audio/Chat Consultation. You will have to make the appointment at a time suitable for you and the doctor/professional. Once you request the time, then you will be notified of the confirmation of the appointment time. This makes for you to book and consult at a time when it suits you.

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Please be on time for your online real consultation. Any delay or non-attendance would still be charged, as the arrangements would have been made for the doctor’s/professional’s time. If the Doctor/Professional cannot attend the appointment for any unavoidable unforeseen emergencies, then you will not be charged and you will have to make another appointment with the same doctor/professional or different doctor/professional. No catch or surprises!

We authorize your payment first for securing appointments and payment would be taken once the consultation starts. The payment system is fully secure and safe. Online consultations fees are variable for each expert and it is shown very clearly.

Global experts available to you for online consultation, Locally!


  1. Patients can contact Doctors/Professionals based on their specialty for relevant, impartial advice. No waiting times. No traveling. No hassle. Fully online consultations.
  2. Patients have access to the list of world-class, qualified Doctors/Professionals, checked and approved by Dr.Galen. Doctors/Professionals have access to patients when they want it.
  3. Doctors/Professionals can follow up patients through our portal. It makes it easier for the patient by avoiding travel, lodging, waiting times, etc. We collect the fees for Doctors/Professionals. A win-win scenario for both Doctor/Professional and the Patient.
  4. Patients can contact Doctors/Professionals for preliminary discussion before undergoing major surgery, procedures or tests. If the patients are satisfied with the doctor’s/professional’s consultation, then patients can go to the Doctor’s/Professional’s Office/Clinic for further interventions, surgery, or admission.
  5. Doctors/Professionals can use Dr.Galen to schedule any further appointments, where you can expect high turn up rates from patients. Dr.Galen will help to reduce ‘No Show or Did not attend’ rates.

How to Book an Appointment for Online Consultation?

Book an Appointment ?

  1. Register and choose a Doctor or Professional for Online Consultation.
  2. Starts From $5 fees for 10-30 min Video/Audio/Chat Consultation.
  3. Be on time. Use your time effectively.

How to Enroll as a Doctor or Professional?

Enroll as a Doctor or Professional?

  1. Please give an active email, so we can follow up with you.
  2. Please attach two documentary evidence.
  3. Paypal account information speeds up the transaction.