Lactose Intolerance in Infants & Children

Lactose Intolerance in Infants & Children
Published on, 16 April, 2024. Answered by Dr. Hossam Aldin Mostafa and Verified by Dr.Galen Team
Patient Question

Hello Doctor,


Could my one-year-old be lactose intolerant if she experiences diarrhea after consuming whole milk? We switched her to whole milk two weeks ago, and a week later, she began having loose stools and diarrhea. When she was an infant, we had to switch her formula to a gentle ease variant due to the same issue. Our doctor said she shouldn't be lactose intolerant since most infants outgrow this problem, but she continues to experience it.



Thank you for reaching out to Dr. Galen. Please find the below response to your query.


Possible Intolerance:

Symptoms after whole milk suggest lactose intolerance.

Discuss with the pediatrician for diagnosis and management.


Milk Protein Sensitivity:

Immune reaction to milk proteins can cause similar symptoms.

Pediatrician can differentiate and guide treatment.


Consultation Needed:

Essential to consult for accurate diagnosis and plan.

Switching to lactose-free formula may be advised.


Dietary Adjustment:

Temporarily avoid whole milk and dairy to identify triggers.

Gradually reintroduce lactose-containing foods under supervision.


Gluten-Free Diet:

Consider gluten-free pediatric food if gluten sensitivity is suspected.

Seek professional advice before dietary changes.




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