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How to Treat Malnutrition?

Medical Treatment:
  • Malnutrition treatment depends on the underlying cause and how malnourished the person is
  • Hospital treatment may be necessary in severe cases. Following things may suggest by your dietitian:
    • Eating fortified foods that contain extra nutrients
    • Have drinks with plenty of calories
    • Snacking between meals
    • Have a healthy and balanced diet
  • Feeding tubes are helpful for people who are unable to eat enough to meet their body needs
  • Some people who are malnourished also need extra care and support services; it may include occupational therapy, meals at home service, speech and language therapy
  • If the children with malnutrition are often caused by long-term health conditions, they often need to be treated in hospital (this is not the case for all children with malnutrition)
  • Treatment may involve the following things:
    • Supplements of vitamin and mineral
    • Supplements of high energy and protein nutritional
    • Dietary changes - such as eating foods high in energy and nutrients
    • Support for families - to manage underlying factors affecting the child nutritional intake
    • Treatment for any underlying medical conditions causing their malnutrition