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How to Treat Malaria Non Severe?

Things to note:
  • Provide symptomatic and supportive relief.
  • Check for complications.
  • Ensure adequate moisture.
  • All patients. For the first 24 hours, falciparum malaria should be carefully observed.

Medical Treatment:
Vomiting is common in malaria patients. Give all first doses and observe patients for at least one hour. If the patient vomits in the first hour, repeat the treatment. Oral treatment is one of the most common causes for failure of treatment.
In endemic areas of South Africa where malaria occurs seasonally, primary health care should be treated. Patients should be referred for treatment in other areas.
Without complicated P. Falciparum malaria in South Africa( If species are unsure, treat P as well.
* Artemether / lumefantrine 20/120 mg, oral, 4 tablets/dose of food- containing fat or full cream milk to ensure adequate absorption.
  • Immediately give the first dose.
  • Take a second dose 8 hours later.
  • Then for another 2 days,12 hours.( Total number of doses in 3 days= 6)
For fever:
* Paracetamol, oral, at a maximum of 4 doses per 24 hours,1 g 4- 6 hour.

When to refer:
  • In non- endemic areas, all patients.
  • In 48 hours, patients who do not respond to oral treatment.
  • Patients with P. vivax and P. ovale malaria.