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How to Treat Knocked Out Tooth?

Medical Treatment:
  • If it is a baby tooth, do not put it back in (it could damage the tooth growing underneath)
Do the following if it is an adult tooth:
  • Hold it by the white bit that sticks out of the gum. Do not touch the root
  • If it is dirty lick it clean, or rinse it quickly for no more than 10 seconds in cold running water
  • Try to put it back into the hole in the gum. If it does not go in easily, put it in milk or saliva
  • Keep it in your cheek until you see the dentist (do not have younger children do this in case they swallow it)
  • Bite down gently on a clean cloth to hold the tooth in place if it goes back in
  • If you do not know if it is an adult or baby tooth, put it in saliva or milk and bring it to the dentist