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How to Treat Iron Poisoning?

Medical Treatment:
Chelation therapy
Patients with serum iron concentrations less than 54 micromol / L and absence of symptoms greater than 6 hours after overdose do not need chelation.
  • IV infusion Desferrioxamine, 15 mg / kg / h.
    • Dose reduction 4-6 hours.
    • Total maximum dose of 80 mg / kg for the first 24 hours.
Consider exchange transfusion for levels greater than 180 micromol / L.
If there are no serum iron levels and the likelihood of iron poisoning is high:
  • Desferrioxamine, IV infusion, 1 g.
    • Observe urine decoloration in vin rose, indicating high blood iron levels. Continue chelation therapy, as above, if present.
Give intravenous hypotension fluids.