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How to Treat Hereditary Neuropathy With Pressure Palsies?

Medical Treatment:
  • No cure for HNPP, but you can do things to help you manage your condition
Try to avoid if you start to experience symptoms:
  • Leaning on your elbows, having someone rest on your arm, or resting the backs of your arms on a chair
  • Prolonged sitting with your legs crossed
  • Repetitive wrist or elbow movements
It can also help you:
  • if you are overweight lose weight
  • Wear ankle or wrist supports, and protective elbow and knee pads, to avoid the nerves getting worse
  • Fill your bed with a foam mattress to reduce the pressure on your affected nerves
  • Note what triggers your symptoms, so you can change the way you do some activities
  • Visit an occupational therapist for advice on how to perform daily activities
There are medications you can take if you are suffering from nerve pain.