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How to Treat Generalised Anxiety Disorder?

Things to note:
  • It may be necessary to manage crisis,
  • Psychotherapy,
  • Many patients can be treated as outpatients, but some patients may need admission.

Medical Treatment:
Indicated where the symptoms interfere with normal daily functions.
Where drugs / alcohol dependence or a major depressive episode is concomitant, an Antidepressant, for example, A SSRI may be a more appropriate choice agent.
Acute management
For an acute episode or for intense prolonged anxiety-
Benzodiazepines, e.g:
* Diazepam, oral, 2- 5 mg per dose.
  • Repeat up to 12 hours if required.
  • Therapy duration: up to 2 weeks, within 6 weeks, to zero.
Maintenance therapy
SSRI, e.g:
* Fluoxetine, oral, 20-40 mg per day. Initiated specialist.
  • Therapy duration: variable even if the condition tends to be chronic.
  • Extended treatment with medicine should be supervised by a specialist.

When to refer:
  • Ongoing treatment symptoms.