What to do incase of First Aid For Allergic Shock?

  1. First rule, check for your own safety before helping others
  2. Second rule, Call the ambulance or emergency services or get help
  3. Do the Basic Life Support(cardiac massage and recuse breathing) if required. But breathing and unconscious put them on a recovery position
    • Needs urgent medical support. If they carry the EpiPen(epinephrine medication injection), then give it if you are comfortable to inject
    • First Aid for Any bleeding, stem the loss of blood(apply pressure, do not keep removing the pad or hands) whilst having called the ambulance. Any severed body parts, wrap them in plastic first and then keep in ice and send it the hospital
    • First Aid for Burns, apply cool running water and seek medical help. Cover it with cling film. Do not apply any creams, lotions or spray
    • First Aid for Chemical burns wash it with cool running water for at least 20min

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