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How to Treat Broken Finger?

Medical Treatment:
Usually, an X-ray will be performed to confirm whether your finger is broken, dislocated, or sprained. If it is fractured:
    • The bone may need to be moved back into place-a local anesthetic injection is given to numb the area and then the bone is rearranged by the doctor.
    • Your finger will be placed in a splint or plaster cast, or may be strapped to the finger next to it - holding the bone in position until it heals.
  • The wound will be surgically cleaned before the fracture is treated for open fractures. In order to prevent infection, you may also need a tetanus jab and antibiotics.
  • If the fracture is particularly severe and nearby nerves, tendons, or other tissue have been damaged, surgery may be required. Fixing the bone with small wires or plates and screws may also need to stabilize the fracture.