What to do incase of Breast Cancer?

Medical Treatment:
  • Depending on staging(how far spread), a grade of cancer, menopause, and general health.
  • Surgery is the primary treatment and can be breast-conserving surgery or total mastectomy. Breast reconstruction can be done afterward by either immediately or after some time. Lymph nodes are evaluated to see the spread extent.
  • Radiotherapy and chemotherapy are used in conjunction or alone depending on the staging and extent. Adjuvant chemotherapy is used after surgery to destroy any remaining cancer cells. 3 different chemotherapy agents are used usually.
  • Hormone treatment works by lowering the level of hormones which promote the growth of cancer cells which depend on the hormones. Tamoxifen stops estrogen binding to receptor-positive cancer cells.
  • Biological therapy works by blocking the effects of HER2 which stimulate certain breast cancers. Herceptin is usually used after chemotherapy.
  • Bisphosphonates like Zoledronic acid helps to prevent spread to bones.
  • You can also consider counseling, peer support, online forums, for further help.