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What to do incase of Bone Cancer?

Medical Treatment:
  • Depends on staging. That means whether it is spread or localized.
  • Surgery to remove the tumor. Either it can be limb-sparing or total amputation. Depending on the lesion and size etc
  • Chemotherapy is useful in treating before surgery, or in conjunction with radiotherapy or as a palliative treatment where it is beyond resection. You may need a number of cycles of chemotherapeutic agents
  • Radiotherapy for bone cancer to involve beams of radiation being directed at the cancerous section of bone by an external machine. It lasts for weeks
  • Mifamurtide is an immune macrophage stimulant which encourages the immune system to produce specialised cells that kill cancer cells.
It is given to young patients with high-grade bone tumors and is given after surgery, in combination with chemotherapy, to help prevent the recurrence.