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Dr. Nemat Aliyev is one of our highly qualified and best experts at Family Medicine, Infectious Disease and Prevention, with an invaluable experience of over 25 years.
He worked as a physician in MSF-Holland clinics, OXFAM-UK Barda and at different local hospitals.
He is working as an expert Infectious Disease Specialist in Home Care. He is a certified Infection Prevention and Control professional (CIC) and has completed MD, MPH, RN, for his training and expertise. His residence is in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He fluently communicates with the patients in English, Russian, Turkish, Azerbaijani. He has basic communication skills in French. Highly recommended.

Work Information

Dr.Galen Section Title Line
  • Working place: Home Care

  • Working Experience: 25 years of experience

  • Available at Mon-Friday: 6pm-12 Pm. Eastern Time, Toronto. Sat-Sun; 7am-12 Pm for online consultation

  • Consultation Fee: FREE ($ 0) for 10 to 30 Minutes

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You can consult for any of the following symptoms: Streptococcal infection, Nocardiosis , Measles, Rabies, Spider bite , Viruses, Scabies, Tb, Fungal infection, Meningitis, and so on.

Dr.Galen takes great pride and consideration in this recommendation. We hope to be part of solution to heal and help you.

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Infectious Disease Specialist
toronto, Ontario, Canada

Qualified as:

  • Infectious Disease Specialist - Std, Infection Prevention,MD, MPH, RN


  • English, Russian, Turkish, Azerbaijan

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