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  • Abdominal Radiologist
    Abdominal Radiologist

    Tumour, Aortic Aneurysm, Obstruction, etc.

  • Adolescent Medicine
    Adolescent Medicine

    Puberty, Stress, Growth Problems, etc.

  • Adult Reconstructive Orthopaedics
    Adult Reconstructive Orthopaedics

    Knee Pain, Joint problems, Bone Defects, etc.

  • Allergy and Immunologist
    Allergy and Immunologist

    Allergies, Immunological Issues, Anaphylaxis, etc.

  • Anesthesiologist

    Coma, Penetrating abdominal chest trauma, etc.

  • Audiologist

    Hearing, Deafness, hearing aid, etc.

  • Cardiologist

    Acute pulmonary edema, Stable angina , Claudication, etc.

  • Cardiothoracic Surgeon
    Cardiothoracic Surgeon

    Tricuspid regurgitation, etc.

  • Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist
    Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist

    Autism, Behavioural Problems, Stress, etc.

  • Child Abuse Pediatrics
    Child Abuse Pediatrics

    Child Abuse, Suspected Abuse, Malnutrition, etc.

  • Chiropractor

    Back pain, Neck Ache, Headaches, etc.

  • Clinical Neurophysiologist
    Clinical Neurophysiologist

    Epilepsy, Fits, Parkinsons, etc.

  • Critical Care Medicine Specialist
    Critical Care Medicine Specialist

    Choking in adults, Cardiac arrest fits, etc.

  • Dental Prosthetics
    Dental Prosthetics

    missing teeth, teeth defect, palate defects, etc.

  • Dental Surgeon
    Dental Surgeon

    Gingival growth, Jaw pain , Pain in gum, etc.

  • Dentist

    Acid table, White teeth, Halitosis, etc.

  • Dermatologist

    Blackheads, Warts on face, Pigmented moles, etc.

  • Diagnostician

    Diagnosis in symptoms, Management in treatment, etc.

  • Dietician

    Obesity, Diabetes, High Cholesterol, etc.

  • Emergency Medicine Specialist
    Emergency Medicine Specialist

    Radiation casualties, Skin reaction, Whooping cough, etc.

  • Endocrinologist

    Hypernatremia, Hyponatraemia, Goiter, etc.

  • Endocrinologist , Diabetes & Metabolism
    Endocrinologist , Diabetes & Metabolism

    diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, etc.

  • Epidemiologist

    Disease pattern, Education, Epidemic, etc.

  • Family Medicine Specialists
    Family Medicine Specialists

    Tapeworm, Snoring, Fatigue, etc.

  • Family Practice / General Practice Specialists
    Family Practice / General Practice Specialists

    Respiratory infection, Circadian rhythm disorder, Neck pain , etc.

  • Forensic Pathologist
    Forensic Pathologist

    Legal Opinion, Post-mortem, Court Case, etc.

  • Gastroenterologist

    Hepatocellular carcinoma, Abnormal enlargement of the liver, Dyspepsia, etc.

  • General Medicine
    General Medicine

    Medical Problems, Second Opinion, Hypertension, etc.

  • General Physician
    General Physician

    Medical Problems, Body Aches, Diarrhoea, etc.

  • Geriatric Medicine Specialist
    Geriatric Medicine Specialist

    Falls, Rehabilitation, Giddiness, etc.

  • Health Administration Specialists
    Health Administration Specialists

    Hospital Management, Doctors, Nurses Training, etc.

  • Hematologist & Oncologist
    Hematologist & Oncologist

    Leukemia, Anemia, Stem cell transplantation, etc.

  • Hepatologist

    Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, Acute hepatitis, Biliary atresia, etc.

  • Homeopathic

    Sinusitis, Urticaria, Migraine, etc.

  • Immunologist

    Allergies, Autoimmune Disorders, Lupus, etc.

  • Infectious Disease Specialist
    Infectious Disease Specialist

    Weils disease, Streptococcal infection, Toxoplasmosis, etc.

  • Innovator/Entrepreneur

    New Hospital, New innovations, streamline services, etc.

  • Intensivist

    Febrile convulsion fits, Status epilepticus management, Complications of flu, etc.

  • Internal Medicine Specialist
    Internal Medicine Specialist

    internal_medicine_specialist.png etc.

  • Interventional Radiologist
    Interventional Radiologist

    Angioplasty, Arteriovenous malformation, etc.

  • Maxillofacial Surgeon / Oral Surgeon
    Maxillofacial Surgeon / Oral Surgeon

    Incisive papilla, etc.

  • Medical Device Advisor/Consultant
    Medical Device Advisor/Consultant

    New devices, Device improvement, distribution, etc.

  • Medical Education
    Medical Education

    CPD, CME, self development, etc.

  • Medical Examiner
    Medical Examiner

    Inquests, Suspicious Deaths, Coroner, etc.

  • Medical Geneticist
    Medical Geneticist

    Birth defects, etc.

  • Medical Lab Technology
    Medical Lab Technology

    Blood Test, Lipid Profile, Biochemistry, etc.

  • Medical Leadership
    Medical Leadership

    Leadership, Medicine, Medical Director, etc.

  • Microbiologist

    Infection, Antibiotics, Bacterial Infections, etc.

  • Musculoskeletal Oncologist
    Musculoskeletal Oncologist

    Bone tumours, Sarcomas, Bone metastasis, etc.

  • Naturopathy

    Alternative Medicine, Self healing, Herbal Supplements, etc.

  • Nephrologist

    Chronic dialysis modality, Raised serum urea and creatinine, Chronic kidney disease , etc.

  • Neurologist

    Idiopathic epilepsy fits, Disturbed sensation in upper limb, Disturbed sensation in lower limb, etc.

  • Neurosurgeon

    Cervical spine trauma, Spinal TB, Subarachnoid haemorrhage, etc.

  • Nuclear Medicine Specialist
    Nuclear Medicine Specialist

    Heart function assessment, Thyroid Problems, Carcinoid Tumours, etc.

  • Nurse/Nurse Education
    Nurse/Nurse Education

    Nursing, Training, Nursing Supervision, etc.

  • Obstetrician and Gynecologist
    Obstetrician and Gynecologist

    Unfortunate of pregnancy, Multiple gestation, Hyperemesis gravidarum, etc.

  • Occupational Medicine Specialist
    Occupational Medicine Specialist

    Fitness Assessments, Work place injury, Compensation, etc.

  • Occupational Therapist
    Occupational Therapist

    Rehabilitation, Daily tasks, Disability, etc.

  • Oncologist

    Male breast cancer, Leukaemic joint deposits, Diagnosis of metastatic breast tumours, etc.

  • Ophthalmologist

    visual impairment, Color blindness, Keratoconus, etc.

  • Optometrist/Optician

    Vision, Eye glasses, Eye care, etc.

  • Orthopedic Surgeon / Orthopedist
    Orthopedic Surgeon / Orthopedist

    Scaphoid fracture, Cuboid injury, Chest wall trauma, etc.

  • Osteopath

    Pain, Tension, Migraine, etc.

  • Otolaryngologist / ENT
    Otolaryngologist / ENT

    Tinnitus, Tongue cancer, Adult with a neck mass, etc.

  • Pain Medicine Specialists
    Pain Medicine Specialists

    management of specific types of pain, Bone pains, etc.

  • Pathologist

    Cancer diagnosis, Cancer aggressiveness, Diagnosis, etc.

  • Pediatrician

    Choking child , Baby vomiting, Wilms tumour, etc.

  • Pharmaceutical Industry/Expert
    Pharmaceutical Industry/Expert

    Drugs, Medications, Drug Development, etc.

  • Pharmacist

    Drugs, Side effects, Prescription, etc.

  • Physiatrist

    Chronic Pain, Sports Injuries, Fibromyalgia, etc.

  • Physician Coaching
    Physician Coaching

    Performance improvement, Medical negligence, Work place issues, etc.

  • Physiologist

    Sleep physiology, cardiac physiology, Neuro physiology, etc.

  • Physiotherapist

    Injury, Disability, Rehabilitation, etc.

  • Plastic Surgeon
    Plastic Surgeon

    Abdominal striae, Breast uplift, etc.

  • Preventive Medicine Specialist
    Preventive Medicine Specialist

    Well being, disease prevention, death, etc.

  • Prosthetist/Orthotist

    Prosthesis, Amputation, Artificial Limbs, etc.

  • Psychiatrist

    Suicide, Functional fit , Phobia, etc.

  • Psychology/Psychotherapist

    Wet dreams, Crystal meth, Mood swings, etc.

  • Pulmonologist

    Pneumothorax, Coughing long time, Granulomatous lung disease, etc.

  • Radiation Oncologist
    Radiation Oncologist

    Tumour, Cancer, Radiotherapy, etc.

  • Radiologist

    Single area of dark lung, Symmetrically dark lungs, Diffuse poorly defined hazy opacification, etc.

  • Siddha/Ayurvedha

    Diabetes, Hypertension, Stress, etc.

  • Sports Medicine Specialist
    Sports Medicine Specialist

    Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, Shin splints, Diving, etc.

  • Surgeon

    Breast cysts, Localized tenderness in the left or right loin, Breast sensitivity, etc.

  • Thoracic Surgeon
    Thoracic Surgeon

    Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery, etc.

  • Urologist

    Epididymal cyst, Renal calculus, Impotence, etc.

  • Vascular & Interventional Radiologist
    Vascular & Interventional Radiologist

    Trauma Bleeding, Stroke, Vascular Occlusion, Tumours, etc.

  • Vascular Surgeon
    Vascular Surgeon

    Raynauds phenomenon, Abdominal loin bruit, Peripheral arterial disease, etc.

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