How to Treat Pubic Lice?

  • October 14, 2023
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How to Treat Pubic Lice?

What are Pubic Lice?

Pubic lice, scientifically referred to as Pthirus pubis, are parasitic insects that infest coarse human body hair, especially in the genital area. Commonly known as crabs, these minuscule creatures feed on blood, leading to itching and discomfort. Transmission of pubic lice often occurs through close personal contact. It's crucial to distinguish pubic lice from head or body lice, as these parasites specifically target the pubic hair surrounding the genital area, setting them apart from occurrences on the scalp or skin.

Why Pubic Lice Infestation Occurs?

Pubic lice infestations occur due to direct physical contact with an infested person or contaminated items such as bed linens, towels, or clothing. They thrive in the warm and coarse hair of the genital region but can also infest other body hair, including the chest, armpits, and beard.