How to Treat Contact Dermatitis?

  • October 20, 2023
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How to Treat Contact Dermatitis?

What is Contact Dermatitis?

Contact Dermatitis, a common dermatological issue, is characterized by inflammation when the skin encounters an irritant or allergen, resulting in red, itchy rashes. Despite the skin's protective role, exposure to certain substances prompts an inflammatory response. This condition is your skin's reaction to environmental irritants, leading to an itchy rash. "Dermatitis" denotes skin irritation or inflammation triggered by contact with irritating substances, organisms, objects, or chemicals.

Why Does Contact Dermatitis Occur?

Contact Dermatitis can occur for various reasons. It is typically a result of exposure to irritants or allergens. Irritant contact dermatitis is a non-allergic reaction to substances like soaps, detergents, or chemicals. On the other hand, allergic contact dermatitis arises when the immune system reacts to a specific substance, often after previous exposure has sensitized the individual.

Common triggers include personal care products, cleaning agents, certain metals like nickel, plants such as poison ivy, and medications. The severity of the reaction can vary from person to person, and repeated exposure may increase sensitivity.