How to Treat Chilblains?

  • October 10, 2023
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How to Treat Chilblains?

What are Chilblains?

Chilblains, also known as perniosis, are a form of cold injury that occurs in response to cold temperatures. Characterized by small, itchy, red, and swollen areas on the skin, typically on the extremities, chilblains affect the small blood vessels. They manifest as painful and inflamed skin patches, often appearing after exposure to cold but not freezing air. While anyone can experience chilblains, they are more common in women. In many cases, these skin patches resolve on their own without the need for specific treatment.

Why Do Chilblains Occur?

Chilblains develop when there is an abnormal response of the skin's small blood vessels to cold exposure. When the skin is exposed to cold temperatures, blood vessels may constrict initially to conserve heat. However, in individuals prone to chilblains, the blood vessels may overreact upon rewarming, leading to leakage of blood and fluid into the surrounding tissues.