How to Treat Bornholm Disease?

  • October 04, 2023
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How to Treat Bornholm Disease?

What is Bornholm Disease?

Bornholm disease, recognized as epidemic pleurodynia or devil's grip, is an abrupt viral infection marked by the sudden onset of intense chest and abdominal pain. It stems from the Coxsackie B virus, a member of the Enterovirus family, primarily affecting the intercostal muscles between the ribs, causing acute pain during breathing and movement. Also known as pleurodynia, this viral infection induces chest or upper abdominal pain along with flu-like symptoms. Typically, it resolves on its own within a few days, but in some instances, the discomfort may persist for up to three weeks. Predominantly impacting children and young adults, Bornholm disease can be characterized by its transient yet significant impact on health.

Why is Bornholm Disease Treated?

Bornholm disease is treated to alleviate symptoms and provide relief from the severe pain associated with the condition. While the infection is typically self-limiting and resolves on its own, treatment aims to manage pain, reduce discomfort, and ensure a quicker recovery. Additionally, in some cases, complications may arise, and medical intervention becomes necessary.