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How to Treat Cerebral Toxoplasmosis?

  • July 26, 2023
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How to Treat Cerebral Toxoplasmosis?

Medical Treatment:
Cotrimoxazole 80/400, oral, 4 tablets for 28 days 12 hours, followed by 2 tablets for 3 months 12 hours.
Secondary prophylaxis
Continue to increase CD4 to > 200 cells / mm3 on ART for at least 6 months.
* Cotrimoxazole 80/400 mg, oral, 2 tablets daily .
Cotrimoxazole desensitisation
  • Patients with a history of cotrimoxazole hypersensitivity should be considered for desensitisation.
  • Desensitisation should not be considered for patients with hypersensitivity that is life threatening such as Steven-Johnsons syndrome.
  • This desensitisation schedule should only be done as an inpatient.
When to refer:
Specialist or tertiary
  • Cotrimoxazole intolerance.
first attempt desensitization.

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