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How to Treat Anticoagulant Poisoning?

  • July 26, 2023
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How to Treat Anticoagulant Poisoning?

Things to note:
  • Reanimation,
  • Stop warfarin in therapy patients.
Medical Treatment:
For patients on warfarin therapy

  • 10 mg of vitamin K1, IV / IM.
    • Depending on INR response, may be repeated.
    • Note the effective delay.
  • Patients who bleed need additional fresh frozen plasma and the first dose of vitamin K intravenous. Follow- up doses may be required for any route if INR continues to increase, as vitamin K has a shorter half- life than warfarin.
  • The administration of vitamin K1 may induce warfarin resistance. Patients receiving chronic warfarin therapy and who are at high risk for thrombo- embolic complications but do not actively bleed with INR between 5 and 9:
  • Admit hospital patients and monitor. Give fresh frozen plasma( FFP) if bleeding occurs.
    • Vitamin K1, IV, 0.5-1 mg low dose if FFP is not available.
Continue warfarin treatment once INR is less than 4.0. For INR greater than 9:
  • K1, IV vitamin, 2.5 mg
Oral, vitamin K1, 5 mg.
  • Parenteral formulation may be used for oral administration of low doses.
Repeat INR in 24 hours in all cases.
Super warfarins
  • Vitamin K1 treatment must be prolonged for several months, as these substances are very long- acting. Clinical response to INR monitor.

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