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How to Treat Wolff Parkinson White Syndrome?

Medical Treatment:
  • If your symptoms are mild or occasionally occur, not need any treatment. But should still have regular check-ups
Following things can help to stop as they occur:
  • Vagal manoeuvres
  • Medication (if vagal manoeuvres do not help, an injection of medicine such as adenosine can be given in hospital)
  • Cardioversion (if the above treatments do not work, it can be carried out in hospital)
Following things can help to prevent them from occurring in the future:
  • Lifestyle changes (cardiologist can give advise you about this)
  • Catheter ablation
  • Medication (such as amiodarone)
You should see your GP if you keep getting a fast heartbeat. Call ambulance if:
  • have chest pain more than 15 minutes
  • your heartbeat does not get normal in few minutes
  • you have chest pain and other symptoms like shortness of breath or sweating, feeling sick, being sick - vomiting