How to Treat Pagets Disease Of The Nipple?

Medical Treatment:
  • Pagets disease of the nipple is treated by removing the cancerous part of the breast, or sometimes the whole breast using mastectomy
  • It is usually associated with breast cancer
  • Surgery is often the first type of treatment if you have Pagets disease of the nipple. The main surgery types are:
    • Breast-conserving surgery - only the cancerous lump and a small part of breast tissue are removed
    • Mastectomy - surgery to remove the whole breast, followed by reconstructive surgery to recreate the removed breast
  • Surgery may be the only treatment you need if you have non-invasive breast cancer
  • If you have invasive breast cancer, you may need further treatment after surgery
  • Some other breast cancer treatments such as biological therapy, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy

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