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How to Treat Breath Holding Spells?

Medical Treatment:
  • They are common and usually resolves by 5 years old.
  • Two distinct types. Blue breath holding spells are an involuntary mechanism where they can not breathe in
  • They turn blue and lose consciousness
  • Any iron deficiency should be treated with this condition
  • It usually improves. Stay calm, lie them on the side, avoid shaking, avoid putting anything in the mouth, avoid mouth to mouth resuscitation, avoid splashing with water and stay with them till the spell ends
  • Another type is Reflex anoxic seizures which are caused by sudden pain or fright
  • The mouth is open as if to cry, but no sound comes out and deathly pale grey color is associated with loss of consciousness
  • The body also may jerk. The heart stops beating for 5-30seconds. This also improves with growing. Check also for iron deficiency, as well as for any heart conditions.
  • Medicines like atropine, hyoscine, glycopyrronium help but can cause side effects. Check drug effects
  • Distraction helps as they start to show signs of an impending spell