Terms and Conditions for Doctors/Medical Professionals:

1. By joining us, you agree that your standing as Doctor/Professional is not adversely affected due to any procedures or conditions.
2. You will be able to provide medical advice/consultations, as and when you are capable, in a reasonable capacity in an unbiased manner without any wrong intentions.
3. At the end of advisory consultation, if the patient is not happy with the medical advice, they can provide feedback and it should be rectified and a corrective course of action should be taken and recorded. You should notify the event and actions us within 12 hours of consultation.
4. You will be taken off the panel of advisors if there is consistent refusal, constant bad feedbacks, or any other legal factors which will compromise your standing.
5. The proportional cut of 20% will be deducted from your total advisory fees for administrative costs which includes the card payment processing fees and bank costs. Patients will be charged from $0 US Dollars for an episode of medical advice/consultation.
6. You will have a 10-30 minutes consultation time frame and at your discretion, it can be extended for another 2 minutes. Consultation can be through chat, video, and audio. Patients can share their reports or details through the chat window.
7. It is expected that you will strictly respect the privacy of the medical advice and agree that it will not be stored or distributed in any form. However, it is possible that patients or carers may record the medical advice or consultation.
8. If the consultation is hostile or adversary, then please let the DrGalen.org team know that any corrective measures can be taken.
9. At the end of the advisory consultation, customers are expected to release the payment, by answering a question to confirm the satisfactory outcome of the session.
10. All the payments will be processed in 3-7 days, except in cases of weekends or any other unforeseen emergencies.
11. DrGalen.org does not take any responsibility or liability for any wrong or incorrect medical advice given thereby Medical Advisors/Consultants. It is a platform that connects both parties on the goodwill and all parties agree to absolve DrGalen.org for any wrongdoing or negligence.
12. Prescriptions: Please exercise prudence and care. Never prescribe opioids or other addictive drugs for online prescription. Please let the patient know that the prescription would be valid only in your licensing country. However, you can still prescribe so that patient can ask a local doctor or pharmacist to prescribe. If you are not happy to prescribe, let the patient know.