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Dr. Vishal Baghele


Personal Info

Qualified as: Cardiologist
Located at: Harda, Madhya Pradesh, India
Known Languages for communication: ENGLISH

Dr. Vishal Baghele

About me

Dr. Vishal Baghele is one of our highly qualified and best expert Cardiologist with an invaluable experience of over 2 years. He is working as an expert Cardiologist in BAGHEL POLYCLINIC. He has completed MMBS DNB for his training and expertise. His residence is in Harda, Madhya Pradesh, India. He fluently communicates with the patients in ENGLISH. Highly recommended.

Work Info

  • Working place: BAGHEL POLYCLINIC

  • Working Experience: 2 years of experience

  • Available at MON-SAT 9AM-5PM for online consultation

  • Consultation Fee: INR 1,485 ($ 20) for 10 to 30 Minutes

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You can consult for any of the following symptoms: Evaluation of a new diagnosis of congestive heart failure, myocardial infarction , Stable angina , Bradycardia, Dyspnea, Abnormal cardiac silhouette, Acute pulmonary edema, Chest pain, Right ventricular failure, external defibrillation, and so on. takes great pride and consideration in this recommendation. We hope to be part of solution to heal and help you.

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