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Dr. Vaisshnavi Sawant


Personal Info

Qualified as: Family Practice / General Practice - General Physician
Located at: Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Known Languages for communication: Hindi,English,Marathi.

Dr. Vaisshnavi Sawant

About me

Dr. Vaisshnavi Sawant is one of our highly qualified and best expert Family Practice / General Practice - General Physician with an invaluable experience of over 22 years. She is working as an expert Family Practice / General Practice in 101,Vaidehi Saaket,Baner-Pashan Link Road,Pashan,Pune-411021.. She has completed BAMS(AYURVEDACHARYA) for her training and expertise. Her residence is in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. She fluently communicates with the patients in Hindi,English,Marathi.. Highly recommended.

Work Info

  • Working place: 101,Vaidehi Saaket,Baner-Pashan Link Road,Pashan,Pune-411021.

  • Working Experience: 22 years of experience

  • Available at Monday And Tuesday 4:30-6:30 Pm for online consultation

  • Consultation Fee: INR 14,851 ($ 200) for 10 to 30 Minutes

Detail Info

Myself Dr Mrs Vaisshnavi Sawant.I am a BAMS(Ayurvedacharya) with an experience of 22 years.I treat all kinds of chronic,critical and any stage patients successfully. Dr Mrs Vaisshnavi V Sawant (B.A.M.S,Ayurvedacharya) Family Physician and Ayurved Consultant •I am Specialized in:- 1. Infertility 2. Joint pain,Shoulder pain,Back pain,Foot pain 3. Diabetes (Diabetic foot) 4. Paralysis 5. Heart diseases  6. Kidney & Gall stones 7. Congeniantal diseases(means diseases from birth) 8. Physically & Mentally Handicapped cases 9. Parkinsons’ diseases  10. Acidity 11. Weight loss 12. Autism 13. Skin & Hair diseases(Face treatments for beautifying the look,for  scarless beautiful skin,providing nutrition to hairs for being smooth n silky hairs) 14. Pancreatic diseases 15. Growth disorders in childrens  16. Nerve rehabilitation (to remove nubness in any part of the body) 17. Nutrition Guidance  18. Stress management  19. Memory enhancement 20. Any critical & chronical challenged cases 21. Gynaecological problems 22. PCOD 23. Thyroid diseases  24. Dietician  25. Migrain 26. Spondylitis (Crvical or lumber spondylitis) 27. Sinusities 28. Liver problems 29. Stomach problems 30. Weakness 31. Allergies  32. Cough  33. Jaundice 34. Paediatric asthma 35. Asthma  36. Nail diseases  37. Blood Pressure & increased Cholesterol  38. Goitre 39. For growing the height 40. Ulcerative Colitie(ulcers in large intestine) 41. UTI Infection (Urinary Tract Infection) 42. Frozen shoulder 43. Increasing the immunity of the body 44. Leucorrhea 45. Menorreghia 46. Varicose veins 47. Disease preventive medicines 48. Ascites 49. Hypothyroidism 50. Rickets 51. Cytica 52. Osteoporosis 53. Malnutrition 54. Dementia 55. Deodinal Ulcer 56. Auto Immune Disease • We have specialised 100% result oriented innovative researched Ayurvedic medicines on all diseases including “Panchkarma & Body Rejuvenating Medicines”.(No types of “KADHAS” given,) •* I have been honoured by “MAHARASHTRA LABOUR WELFARE BOARD” and “MAHILA MANDAL” on the auspicious occasion of “INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY” and “SAVITRIBAI PHULE DAY” for my dedication,commitment and hard work towards treating patients successfully and for great services provided to mankind.

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You can consult for any of the following symptoms: Electrolyte imbalance, Clove syndrome, Cough and fever, Cuts, Sprains, Viral infection, Facial discoloration, Lymphedema, Reef cuts, Coccyx pain, and so on. takes great pride and consideration in this recommendation. We hope to be part of solution to heal and help you.

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