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London, London, United Kingdom

The paid amount entitles you to the following benefits:

  1. A full consultation lasting between 20 to 30 minutes
  2. A prescription provided immediately after your consultation
  3. Provision of a medical certificate (if required)
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Dr. Zoe Vlamaki - London, London

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I am one of the highly qualified and an expert Surgery - Breast Oncoplastic Surgery with an invaluable experience of over 26 years. My residence is in London, London, United Kingdom. I can fluently communicate with you in English, Greek. I will be happy to assist you via video and audio online medical consultation.

Work Information

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  • Working place: Biovitality Clinic

  • Working Experience: 26 years of experience

Detail Info

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Medical Doctor: General & Breast Oncoplastic Surgeon,

Private company · Full-time,

Sep 2020 - Present · 2 years 8 months,

United Arab Emirates,


Consultant breast Oncoplastic & General Surgeon,

Jan 2015 - Sep 2019 · 4 years 9 months,

London, United Kingdom,


General & Breast Oncoplastic Surgeon,

NHS · Full-time,

Dec 2008 - Sep 2019 · 10 years 10 months,

England, United Kingdom,


Consultant General and Breast Surgery, UAE,

Al Zahra Hospital Sharjah,

Nov 2018 - Jun 2019 · 8 months,

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates,


Consultant Breast Surgeon,

Saudi German Hospitals · Full-time,

Jun 2019 - 2019 · -4 months,



Consultant General and Breast Surgeon,

NHS · Full-time,

Dec 2001 - Sep 2008 · 6 years 10 months,

London, United Kingdom,




Royal College of Surgeons England,

FRCS Eng., General Surgery Residency Program,



Licenses & certifications


ATLS, Advanced Trauma Life Support,

American College of Surgeons,

Issued Jan 2016,


Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons England,

The Royal College of Surgeons of England,

Issued Jun 2008,


MD - Awarded Medical Degree and Licence, General Surgeon ,

MD - Awarded Medical Degree and Licence, General Surgeon,

National Kapodistrian University of Athens,


ASBS, American Society of Breast Surgeons,

The American Society of Breast Surgeons,


ASCO, American Society of Clinical Oncology,

American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO),


ATLS Advanced Trauma Life Support,

American College of Surgeons,


Air Ambulance Doctor,

Euroclinic Group,


American Association for Laser Surgery and Medicine and minimal invasive Surgery,

American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, Inc. (ASLMS)

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Dr.Galen Verified Doctor

  • 1. Licence Licence

  • 2. Degree Certificates Degree Certificates

  • 3. Experience Experience

Qualified as:

  • Surgeon - Breast Oncoplastic SurgeryMD, FRCS


  • English, Greek