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Feeling constantly exhausted? Migraines are more common than you might realize and can be draining. At Dr. Galen Complete Health Portal, we understand their impact. That's why we provide convenient and confidential online consultations with specialized migraine Neurologists who truly understand. Before discussing personalized treatments, let's explore what migraines are and how they affect you. This approach ensures we address the root cause, not just symptoms.

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What is Migraine ?

A Migraine is much more than a bad headache; it is a severe, debilitating condition that causes throbbing, pulsing head pain on one side of the head.

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Symptoms of Migraine

  • 1. Throbbing or pulsing pain, usually on one side of the head
  • 2. Blurred Vision or Tunnel Vision
  • 3. Nausea and Vomiting during a migraine attack
  • 4. Feeling extremely tired during or after a migraine attack
  • 5. Pain and stiffness in the neck
  • 6. Difficulty Concentrating
  • 7. Migraine Hangover - Exhaustion, Confusion or Mood changes
  • 8. Visual disturbances such as flashing lights, blind spots or difficulty speaking

The Hidden Impact of Migraines on Your Health and Daily Life

Migraines, a severe neurological condition, are often underestimated despite their significant impact. These debilitating headaches cause intense pain, nausea, and sensitivity to light and sound, lasting hours to days. They lead to stress, anxiety, depression, cognitive difficulties, disrupted sleep, and limited activities, severely affecting quality of life. Recognizing the hidden impacts of migraines is essential for timely treatment and improved well-being.

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Importance and Benefits of Consulting a Neurologist Online

Consulting a Neurologist is crucial for accurate diagnosis and management of migraines. While migraines are a global issue, some areas like the United States, Europe, and India report particularly high rates. Connect with neurologists via video, audio, or chat for quick relief and peace of mind. With the right treatment, including medication and lifestyle changes, you can significantly reduce the frequency and intensity of your migraines and get back to living your life.

How Our Platform Connects You with Neurologists

Our platform offers a user-friendly interface for scheduling online consultations with experienced Neurologists at your preferred time. Explore their profiles to find the perfect fit based on their expertise. Receive prescriptions and medical certificates electronically, ensuring a streamlined and convenient healthcare experience from start to finish.

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We value your satisfaction and confidence in our services. If, for any reason, your consultation does not occur, we offer a 100% refund policy to ensure your peace of mind.


Common triggers for migraines include hormonal changes (such as during menstruation or menopause), certain foods (like aged cheeses and chocolate), stress, sensory stimuli (such as bright lights or strong smells), changes in sleep patterns, weather changes, physical exertion, certain medications, environmental factors (like smoke or allergens), and skipping meals. Identifying and managing these triggers can help reduce migraine frequency and severity. Keeping a headache diary to track patterns and triggers can aid in developing personalized management strategies.

Several lifestyle changes can help prevent migraines or reduce their severity. These include maintaining a regular sleep schedule, managing stress with techniques like relaxation exercises or meditation, eating regular meals to stabilize blood sugar, staying hydrated, identifying and avoiding triggers such as specific foods or environmental factors, engaging in regular physical activity, moderating caffeine and alcohol intake, practicing good posture, managing hormones with appropriate therapies, and establishing a consistent daily routine. Consulting a healthcare provider for personalized advice is crucial for effective migraine management.

Migraines can often be prevented by combining lifestyle changes, medications, and alternative therapies. Key strategies include identifying triggers, maintaining regular routines, managing stress, staying hydrated, and following dietary guidelines. Regular medical check-ups and managing related health conditions are crucial. Developing a personalized prevention plan with a healthcare provider is essential. You can connect with Dr. Galen for regular follow-ups with a neurologist.

Aura is a phenomenon typically associated with "Classic Migraine," where visual, sensory, motor, or speech symptoms precede the onset of pain. These symptoms can include blind spots, flashing lights, numbness in the extremities or face, muscle weakness or heaviness, and difficulties with speech and articulation. It is believed that auras occur due to reduced blood flow in and around the brain, caused by constricted blood vessels.