How to Treat Glomerulonephritis?

  • October 11, 2023
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How to Treat Glomerulonephritis?

What is Glomerulonephritis?

Glomerulonephritis, a medical condition marked by inflammation of the tiny filtering units called glomeruli within the kidneys, compromises their crucial role in filtering waste and excess fluids, leading to various health issues. This form of kidney disease may cause harm to the glomeruli, with some individuals showing no symptoms, and potential causes include infections and immune system disorders.

Why Treat Glomerulonephritis?

Treating glomerulonephritis is essential for several reasons. Unmanaged inflammation can lead to permanent kidney damage, affecting their ability to filter blood effectively. This can result in complications such as chronic kidney disease, high blood pressure, and even kidney failure. Timely intervention is crucial to prevent these long-term consequences and improve overall kidney function.