Know about Acupuncture

  • October 31, 2023
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Know about Acupuncture

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture, a time-honored healing method originating in traditional Chinese medicine more than 2,500 years ago, encompasses the precise insertion of slender needles into designated points on the body, aiming to stimulate the flow of energy or "qi." Traditional Chinese medicine posits that disruptions in qi flow can give rise to diverse health issues, and acupuncture serves to reinstate equilibrium and facilitate the body's innate healing processes.

This ancient practice involves the strategic placement of fine steel needles into specific areas, such as the back, neck, head, and face, with the overarching objective of alleviating various health conditions or symptoms, with pain relief standing out as a common goal.

Why Acupuncture?

The philosophy behind acupuncture is rooted in the belief that the body has channels or meridians through which energy flows. When there is an imbalance or blockage in this energy flow, it can result in pain, illness, or other health problems. Acupuncture is thought to unblock these channels and restore the harmonious flow of energy, addressing both the symptoms and the underlying causes of a wide range of conditions.