LabTurbo Biotech Laboratory - Princeton, United States
(Covid-19 PCR Testing Center)

150 USD

Dr.Galen Covid Lab

About LabTurbo Biotech Laboratory

Our partner Lab, LabTurbo Biotech Laboratory uses advanced technology and a highly validated process to provide COVID-19 diagnostic testing in a time frame to suit the needs of everyone. They interpret and analyze tests and send the report to you via email. It's situated in

Princeton, New Jersey, United States.

Princeton, New Jersey, United States

USD 150 ( $150 USD )

* Please feel free to WhatsApp us anytime (24/7) at Dr.Galen Whatsapp +1 415-251-2044 for any lab queries.

COVID-19 Test is usually not painful and done through nose . Bring your confirmation card sent in your email from your booking. You will receive your results in your email in 24hrs. If the local government regulations requires the lab to inform the local authorities, then the lab will do this automatically.