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Sengkang General Hospital

Trauma Care Center

Singapore, Singapore



Sengkang General Hospital plays a crucial role in Singapore's overarching mission to provide quality, accessible healthcare to meet the needs of North-Eastern Singapore residents. Their dedicated team is committed to your well-being and strives to keep you happy and healthy and the numerous awards and accolades are a testament to the excellence and dedication of our highly skilled physicians and staff. Over the past six years, we've achieved significant milestones, made possible with the support of our valued patients. You can explore these yearly achievements in our Milestones section. Clinical Governance is the cornerstone of our commitment to monitoring and enhancing the quality of patient care continuously and it aligns with our organizational mission and vision: to enhance the quality of life in the northeast by providing holistic, informed, and comforting care in the community.

Their Medication and Patient Safety program is designed to ensure zero harm in healthcare delivery. They consistently review and enhance care processes while monitoring patient safety indicators. Clinical Governance collaborates with department heads to regularly review policies and procedural guidelines to ensure they remain relevant and sufficient for patient safety. Their Hospital Ethics Committee (HEC) resolves ethical conflicts and issues affecting patient management, aiming to support patients' autonomy and choice during times of treatment uncertainty. Comprising clinicians, nurses, allied health professionals, GP partners, academics, ethicists, and legal professionals, the HEC ensures a diversity of perspectives when making recommendations. Healthcare Performance Office works closely with the Ministry of Health (MOH) to define priority areas, establish hospital-wide and specialty-based standards and indicators, and self-assessment checklists and surveys. Their primary goal is to ensure patients receive care tailored to their needs based on current evidence and clinical knowledge. They benchmark our performance, including patient outcomes, against local and international healthcare institutions.

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    Doctors are friendly! Nurses are friendly! Staffs are friendly! Nice clean environment! Water dispenser all around to ensure we get both hot and cold water! Waiting time is short! Everything is done very systematically and efficiently! A great place to go for medical appointment! Easy access too! Just a short walk from the MRT station! Lots of great food places to eat from! Great open spaces at ground floor giving it a nice garden look!

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    Sengkang General Hospital (SKH) is a world-class healthcare facility with a design brief to create welcoming and integrated healing environments with a future-proofed new healthcare model. DP Green designed with a vision of modern healthcare beginning in the neighbourhood, which promote wellness and active living within the community, and modern hospitals are not only places to treat illness but also an extension of the public realm and nature. Compliments to the doctors and nurses who provided their services with empathy and professionalism. Patients can look forward to having trained Care Coordinators on site to help them choose care and treatment.

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    I was pleasantly impressed by how well the A&E patient system operates.. From the initial nurse evaluation, through the testing process, to admission to the ward, the entire journey was impressive. Despite it being a government hospital, I feel the wait times were quite acceptable. The nurses and doctors left a remarkable impression with their warmth & compassion. Overall, I felt well taken care of during my emergency experience!

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    I would like to convey my compliments to the A&E doctor & nurses who did a great job. I'm warded at ward 17 room 11 and I really like the environment, clean,nice and very attentive Nurses, polite SN Cindy Ho, doctors especially Doctor Lester Ong very nice and professional and like how the staff in the room 11 attended to me and other patients. Even the coffee service auntie are very nice and polite.I really appreciate this experience.

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    I wish to express my gratitude towards the nurses & registration officers at the medical centre, L8 PATU unit. The staff are patient, polite & friendly. My heartfelt thanks to SN Cheryl, Khatijah & Michelle for taking excellent care of me during my treatmen