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Medic Ambulance

Private Care Center

Vallejo, United States



Medic Ambulance has a rich legacy of delivering outstanding advanced life support ambulance services across the expansive North San Francisco Bay area. As the exclusive 911 ambulance provider for Solano County, excluding Vacaville, the company takes immense pride in their deep community roots as a family-owned business. Beyond their primary role in emergency services, Medic Ambulance actively engages with the community by providing ambulance stand-by services for various events, showcasing a profound commitment to community well-being.

Prioritizing excellence is a fundamental aspect of Medic Ambulance's operations, reflected in prompt response times, rigorous fleet maintenance, and streamlined operations. To consistently meet this high standard, the company integrates cutting-edge technology throughout their services, encompassing a state-of-the-art Computer Aided Dispatch center, web-based crew scheduling, Zoll monitor/defibrillators, Stryker Power Pro gurneys, and more. Through the incorporation of top-notch equipment, advanced technology, and a highly skilled workforce, Medic Ambulance steadfastly upholds the central tenet of their mission statement: "Equip the best people with the finest tools, and they will excel in delivering optimal care."


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    These guys are amazing! They came so fast after my mom called 911 and were able to get my dad on his feet again. Watching him just fall to the ground out of nowhere was terrifying and I’m just so glad we have services like these in this country to help in those hard moments.

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    From my experience with this ambulance service I would say they must have very rigorous hiring standards because all of their EMTs are just top notch!

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    I’m grateful for their help and responsiveness last week.

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    I was rear ended in an accident. When the EMT's arrived they treated me with dignity and respect. They listened to everything I had to say. They supported me and my decisions to help get me out of my vehicle effectively. They always responded with courtesy and respect even when I was yelling out in pain. Their professionalism and kindness made a bad situation a little better. When they dropped me off in the ER they wished me a speedy recovery. Thanks.

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    All I have to say is thank you . I panicked after my 2 month old was gagging/choking and it didn’t seem like my efforts of trying to help her was working I called emergency.. thankfully I was able to clear her airway, but they came in under 3 mins . You guys are a blessing . Thank you.