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Falck Northwest

Private Care Center

Mountlake Terrace, United States



Since 2015, their team of devoted professionals has been dedicated to serving the Salem community with pride. They extend Advanced Life Support to the Salem Fire Department and the surrounding areas, committed to delivering top-notch, responsive medical transportation services. Their focus is on providing patients with professional, high-quality care, understanding the importance of treating them as if they were their own family members. Recognizing the significant responsibility that comes with caring for you, your friends, or your family, they value the trust placed in them with each service they provide. Striving for perfection is a constant pursuit for both their company and employees.

They take pride in offering advanced life support/paramedic emergency services across many locations, and in some communities, they provide ALS/Paramedic level interfacility transport services. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, their vehicles transform into mobile hospitals, ensuring the comprehensive care and transportation of critical patients. These services extend beyond emergency situations and are utilized for standby events, as well as serving as both primary and backup 911 services in multiple cities.


  • Advanced Life Support Services
  • Basic Life Support
  • CCT Transportation Services
  • Community, Special Events, and Standbys
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    July 15th 2016, I was taking from Redmond emergency room to evergreen hospital. I was taking by two great emt, the driver was very nice and caring person and that may my ride very good. I am doing much better. thank you very much I think it was ambulance 21. nubia Zuniga

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    Excellent service. Best Ambulance provider in the Seattle Area

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