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Catharina Ziekenhuis

Trauma Care Center

Eindhoven, Netherlands



Visiting hours permit up to two visitors per patient each day from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Patients' designated rest time is from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM, and regular visiting hours apply on public holidays. They offer a broad spectrum of services, covering areas such as Anesthesiology/Preoperative screening, Pharmacy services, Blood tests/blood collection, Breast Cancer Center, Chest wall poly, Cardiogenetics clinic, Cardiology, and additional specialties.


  • Anesthesiology/Preoperative screening Pharmacy
  • Blood tests/blood collection
  • Breast Cancer
  • Center Chest wall poly
  • Cardiogenetics clinic
  • Cardiology
Phone Number
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    I have been several times at Dermatology department and each time I met different doctors and nurses. They all had these things in common - professionalism, friendliness, patience and kindness. Basically everyone I met in Catharina ZKH was great but dermatology is exceptional ❤️ Thank you

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    My wife came in for surgery and I must say the staff was exceptional and the doctor has excellent bedside manners out of every hospital I've been in this is the best one yet. I'm truly amazed by the staff they kept me up to date with anything I needed to know everyone is very professional and warm.

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    This hospital is amazingly amazing!. I was so satisfied with their service. Nice and clean room, helpful and caring staffs all makes me comfortable through my heavy labor day. The nurses (Anne Marie and Floor) of course other nurses and doctors also are professional and really caring. They help me through the days while my husband can’t beside be at night due to health issue. The food also so delicious compare with other ‘hospital food’. I didn’t expect to much for food at hospital, but the food (dinner)that they prepared is super! My baby boy was born at this hospital on 6th nov 2019. I stayed at kraamsuite 14.

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    I needed to visit emergency room. The empathetic doctor took the time to conduct a thorough interview, listening attentively to my concerns and symptoms. Thanks to their expertise, I received an accurate diagnosis.

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    Really nice, fast and helpful staff in the emergency room on the weekend. I am very pleased and surprised how quickly I was able to receive care there!

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    Very nice, smiling, helpful, understanding staff as well as the doctors themselves. Fast, concrete outpatient assistance. I hope result the treatment result will be also equally satisfactory.

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    Good hospital, helpful staff, doctors and nurses. I have had two surgeries in this hospital, both times the nurses and surgeons were really nice and calming as i was very nervous. Many thanks!