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Care Ambulance Services

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Los Angeles, United States



Boasting a half-century of expertise, Falck Mobile Health delivers emergency coverage to a population of 5 million individuals in Los Angeles and Orange Counties, California. Collaborating with public agencies and facility contracts, they manage a workload exceeding 250,000 calls each year.They serve as a gateway to careers in healthcare and public safety for Southern California communities.

Many of their EMTs continue to advance their careers through nursing school, paramedic school, medical school, and fire academies. In addition to their responsiveness to medical emergencies, they prioritize injury prevention and community education. Their service offerings encompass Advanced Life Support Services, Basic Life Support, CCT Transportation Services, Community Support, Special Events coverage, and Standby services.


  • Advanced Life Support Services
  • Basic Life Support
  • CCT Transportation Services
  • Community, Special Events, and Standbys
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