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Austin-travis County Ems Station 1

Private Care Center

Austin, United States


The Emergency Medical Services Department of the City of Austin and Travis County is dedicated to providing 9-1-1 emergency medical response services to a population of over 2. 2 million residents across a vast service region spanning 1,039 square miles. While the majority of their assistance to the community is medically oriented, they recognize that a critical aspect of their work involves addressing life-threatening emergencies that demand immediate attention.

Their core mission revolves around service—a commitment to patients, their families, the community, and the entire Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Services team. Service, in their perspective, transcends mere call response; it encompasses a continuous evaluation of their practices to enhance performance and adapt to evolving needs. They actively collaborate with the community to foster self-care and mutual support while prioritizing the well-being of their personnel, enabling them to better serve both their patients and the community. Through this unwavering commitment to service, they have the privilege to save lives and make a meaningful impact on many.

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