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Austin-travis County Ems Station 29

Private Care Center

Austin, United States



Their continuous goals encompass: Enhancing EMS' capacity to gauge customer service satisfaction, with the aim of maintaining a customer satisfaction rating of at least ninety percent. This achievement relies on their commitment to providing compassionate, competent, and appropriate service and Ensuring the prompt response to life-threatening calls within recommended time limits, underscoring their dedication to preserving lives and safeguarding their community.

Establishing a direct correlation between ongoing education and training, the development of clinical protocols, and the oversight of clinical care, all with a focus on patient outcomes, expectations, and the perception of care. This holistic approach ensures they continually improve and adapt to meet the evolving needs of their patients and community. In their various divisions, the focus is centered on preserving life, enhancing health, and promoting safety. Whether it's the introduction of their employees to the Austin-Travis County EMS during the Academy, their response to 911 calls, the care provided to patients, or their efforts to educate the community on bystander CPR, their overarching objective remains consistent: to consistently deliver services that go beyond their customers' expectations.

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    5 years ago I am proud of the friendly, helpful, dedicated professional medics that protect our city 24/7