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American Medical Response

Private Care Center

Austin, United States



In 1992, their establishment resulted from the consolidation of several regional ambulance providers into one company, and in 2005, they broadened their services by introducing a new international EMS division known as Global Medical Response (GMR). Their focus includes improving the patient experience of care, improving the health of populations, and reducing the per capita cost of health care. In 2006, they acquired Air Ambulance Specialists (AASI), which changed its name to AMR Air Ambulance (AMR Air). AMR Air facilitates both domestic and international fixed-wing air ambulance services, enhancing their comprehensive range of ground and air-based emergency medical transportation solutions. The inception of AMR was a response to shifts in healthcare reimbursement, technological demands, and the expansion of managed care plans, necessitating the development of a more extensive provider network. At AMR, their primary mission is to make a positive impact by providing compassionate care to those in need, prioritizing respect in their treatment of patients, customers, and teams, and continually innovating healthcare delivery for patients in various settings, maintaining a steadfast focus on patients and customers. As healthcare providers, their dedication lies in staying updated on the most current medical procedures and practices for the benefit of their patients and innovating new technologies to assist their customers in achieving their goals.

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