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American Medical Response

Private Care Center

Las Vegas, United States



AMR Clark County offers both emergency and non-emergency medical transport services for Vancouver, Washington, and neighboring cities like Battle Ground, Ridgefield, and La Center. With an employee count of about 126 paramedics and EMTs, AMR Clark County manages an average of 30,000 calls per year. The teams within AMR actively engage in numerous advanced medical technology studies. Presently, the operation is actively participating in a study by the Resuscitation Outcome Consortium, aiming to improve outcomes for patients experiencing cardiac arrest.

AMR Clark County takes pride in its commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion among its workforce.Their excitement is evident in the announcement of their Diversity Recruitment Scholarship program, which grants two financial scholarships covering full tuition, course fees, and textbooks. Program graduates will attain licensure as Washington EMTs with the opportunity to further their education and become Washington paramedics. They can complete a Paramedic Certificate or an Associate of Applied Science Degree (AAS) in Paramedicine with a 36-month commitment to AMR.

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    What turned out to be a fairly minor and non life threatening incident was handled very professionally, with the utmost in courtesy, concisely and most of all, compassionately. The two gentleman who dealt with my 2am incident, were extremely competent and very patient (them) with their anxious patient (me)! They are a testament to the first responders profession and I hope that AMR recognizes and retains such exemplary talent within their organization. If by chance they read this, the word 'shoes' will clue them in to who I am. Thank you AMR and most of all, thank you very much gentlemen.

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    My medics were AJ and Casey and they were awesome. I was feeling crappy and they were professional while cracking jokes and doing their best to keep my mind off my pain. They stayed with me in the very busy. ER right up to Triage and then both came and wished me well on their way out. Excellent medics, perfect gentlemen, wonderful treatment!

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    The Ent's are wonderful. But billing is a scam and a joke . They charged a 1,000 dollars to travel less than 0.5 of a mile and try to say that insurance doesn’t pay even at a discounted rate. Ridiculous.!!! Not to mention you can’t say you’ll never use them again. Considering They’re the only Ambulances in our Area not to mention State. We have no other service they’re the only contracted Company...!!!!!🤯

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    This evening at 7pm my mother was transported from one rehab facility in Las Vegas to another by a non medical transport. She's elder, nervous, and physically uncomfortable. Family is very important to her and the transport gentleman realized she was asking me to see her grandson tonight. The transport gentlemen shared he had just gained a grandson today. This helped to open dialog and the whole transport conversation was about family. Their conversation and his kind ways helped keep moms mind off her pain but also on something dear to her heart, family. As I was getting her ready for bed before leaving her for the night, she said, "he has such a beautiful family". Thank you for sharing the picture of the new baby as I asked. I knew it would bring a smile. I don't think all people realize what a difference they make in the lives of elderly however, tonight through my mothers journey, another angel touched her life, and he works for AMR ! Thank you AMR for employing a great spirit !

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    I'm seeing alot of negative comments from people who dont know anything about ems. Many states have specific criteria for certain illnesses that they MUST transport to a specific hospital that has the capabilities.. it's not about the EMTs racking up money because ITS NOT their company. It's their job. Also there are some newer ems personnel who are on their internship who might be shaking off the nerves and they are doing their best. People are always so quick to judge. I am starting my internship with AMR and knowing many of the medics and emts, I know they're are fantastic providers. Have some resepect.

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    Great staff. Good customer service. People forget that most of the time when you come into contact with EMS is during some crisis. Emotional time!! It’s understandable when people have negative feelings however walk a mile in their shoes. Just saying

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    I was involved in an auto accident on 10/2/20 and had to be transported to the hospital. Both of the team members were a blessing to be with during the ride. I was treated with great care and they made my bad situation a lot more pleasant. I wish that I had their names so I could have put them in this note. AMR - pat yourselves on the back for a great team full of compassion.