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Acadian Ambulance Services

Private Care Center

Austin, United States



Acadian Ambulance began its journey in Louisiana, founded by three young entrepreneurs, equipped with two ambulances, eight medics, and based in Lafayette Parish. It originated from the community's demand for emergency medical support and care. Their dedication to the community and their affection for its people were the guiding principles then and remain their driving force today.

In 1995, Acadian earned accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services (CAAS), a highly esteemed standard in the ambulance industry. Furthermore, in 2010, their operations in Texas underwent an independent assessment, resulting in the granting of CAAS accreditation as well. They offer a range of services including Emergency Transport, Non-Emergency Transport, Specialized Transport, Treatment in Place, Air Services, At-Home Healthcare, Medical Education, and Industrial & Offshore services. They have locations in Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Texas.


  • Emergency Transport
  • Non Emergency Transport
  • Specialized Transport
  • Treatment in Place
  • Air services
  • At-home Healthcare
  • Medical Education
  • Industrial &Off shore
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    Your guys brought me home from 2 days in the hospital during the 2021 Deep Freeze. They brought me into a house that had not had electricity for 4 days and was 42 degrees inside. They were kind enough to bring all my firewood inside from my deck, let me start the fire and light my gas stove before leaving. I have 2 artificial hips and one had been dislocated. While it was a brutal night, I do not think I would have lived through it without the help of your driver and technician. Thank you so much.

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    I am a hospice caregiver of 25 years, my client was being released from Seton Williamson and we needed her to go home by stretcher. Michelle Ortiz and Tara Bennett arrived early, engaged my client, hospital staff and were very pleasant. I highly recommend this company and these gals. Thanks again!

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    Last night an Acadian transport driver went above and beyond his responsibilies by helping me get my dad settled in his nursing home. He was patient, kind, and helpful.

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    I have used this service twice And was very pleased for the kindness shown to me during my transport 😁

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    Excellent experience

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    Acadian Cares

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