Complete Health Portal, Since 2018

Our Goal and Mission: Since 2018, We are helping and enabling patients to achieve health. Towards that, We are working with health professionals and doctors internationally, so that it is a win-win situation. Currently, Thousands of patients and doctors are using drgalen.org to great satisfaction. Our offices are based in the USA, UK, India, and Singapore. To perfect health!

Our complete health portal comprises of Artificial Intelligence(AI) enabled Consultations for any new opinion or a second opinion, Real Video Consultations with highly qualified health professionals/doctors from across 90 countries, Access to Accident and Emergency services from wherever in the world, Healthcare facilities Accreditation, Check your own health portal, and Extensive health information and library.

AI Consultation also lets you check Blood results, Informed Consent, Treatment options for various diseases and Drug Effects.

Online Doctor Consultation services provide you access to real doctors as convenient online consultation. Whether you need Primary care physician or a board certified specialist.

Emergency Room services are highly tailored to your location wherever you are.

We have made Hospital and Clinic Accreditation highly standardized but with minimal fuss to you, so that you can show off your high quality and standard of your institution.

And ofcourse, a quick and easy Health Check of your body and mind. To improve yourself.

We have pulled this site together for you either as a patient or as a health professional. Mobile apps are with IOS Apple and Google Apps to save you time and hassle. This is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our experience and integrity with the background of Health Sciences, Medical Sciences, and IT Technology have enabled this all in one together with the virtual doctor, doctor service, emergency room, accreditation, health check, and health library. We trust that you will support us, guide us, and lead us. To your good health!