Mr. Hamzah Mayas


🩺  Medical Lab Technologist

English, Arabic

Yemen, Dhamar

  • USD $25
  • 10 - 30 min Consultation
  • 1 (current)

Who is a Medical Lab Technologist?

A medical laboratory technologist (MLT), also known as a clinical laboratory scientist, is a healthcare professional who performs laboratory tests and analyses on patient samples such as blood, urine, and tissues.

Medical laboratory technologists are responsible for conducting tests that aid in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and conditions. They may use a variety of laboratory equipment and instruments to analyze samples, including microscopes, automated equipment, and specialized computer programs.

Some of the common tasks performed by medical laboratory technologists include analyzing blood samples for cholesterol levels, testing urine samples for infections or other abnormalities, and examining tissue samples for cancer cells.

Medical laboratory technologists work in a variety of healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics, and research institutions. They may also work in public health labs, commercial labs, or government agencies. They typically work as part of a team, collaborating with physicians and other healthcare professionals to ensure accurate and timely diagnosis and treatment of patients.